Caregiving Resources: Books

Abbit, Linda. (2017). The Conscious Caregiver: A Mindful Approach to Caring for Your Loved One Without Losing Yourself. Adams Media.

A guide to helping a loved one needing care as well as taking care of yourself as either the full-time caregiver or as the one hiring outside support services.

Ilardo, Joseph A (PhD) & Rothman, Carole R. (PhD). (1999). I’ll Take Care of You: A Practical Guide for Family Caregivers. New Harbinger Publications.

A how-to book for families, including emotions involved in caring for a loved-one, finding outside help, and more.

Kenway, Emily. (2023). Who Cares: The Hidden Crisis of Caregiving and How We Solve It. Seal Press.

Examines the role of caregiving in our society, what it means to be a caregiver or the one needing care.

Leefer, Joanna R. (2014). Almost Like Home: A Family Guide to Navigating the Nursing Home Maze. MJN Publishing.

A guide to finding a nursing home for aging loved ones; includes what to look for, questions to ask, and more.

Caregiving Resources: Websites

Information on at-home care for professional and family/friend caregivers; with a section in Español

Senior living communities, help with home care, & more

Focuses on Parkinson’s Disease, but much of the information can be applied to many situations
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Help in finding a nursing home, health care services, hospice care, & more

Resources and support groups

General information

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